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Harmonia EB-5 Regional Center


Harmonia Regional Center was designated by USCIS as a qualified EB-5 Regional Center and is the business, investment and immigration gateway to United States. HRC assists in the attainment of the EB-5 visa in a safe and expedited manner  through a private capital equity investment fund which pools qualified immigrant investors and leverages existing financial resources to launch profitable commercial enterprises and achieve increased regional real estate sales, productivity, job creation, and domestic capital investment into urban and targeted employment areas.

As a member of the United States Regional Center Group with hundreds of millions of dollars of invested EB-5 capital, HRC owns and operates 2 approved EB-5 Regional Centers in Houston, TX and New York, NY.  HRC focuses on developing and/or funding commercial real estate projects related to multi-family, residential land development, hospitality, restaurants, oil and gas development and agricultural development.

The Regional Center’s seasoned management team, together with experienced EB-5 attorneys, bankers, accountants and economists, helps to ensure access to superior projects and a trouble-free EB-5 experience.

HRC also associated with Harmonia Capital USA, Inc., offers other investment opportunities to our clients.

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仁和智本区域中心(Harmonia Regional Center, HRC)通过EB-5投资者签证方案为包括房地产在内的不同领域的目标产业投资项目提供资金。未来将针对商用和住宅的建筑与管理、医疗事业、能源服务、农业贸易以及餐饮服务等项目,积极为外国投资者提供更多的投资机会。



此外,HRC还还提供除EB-5签证项目以外的房地产项目的投资机会。同时,HRC还为资深投资者进行投资组合以帮助他们获取更高回报,同时取得绿卡。详情可以参阅Harmonia Capital USA, Inc.